Wednesday, April 29, 2009

project: rehearsal dinner !

planning the rehearsal dinner has been so easy and fun. we are still hosting it in our neighbor's backyard, both to keep it casual and keep costs down. and we have a color scheme (i couldn't help it, i had to use the red/aqua combo somewhere). i have bought almost everything we will need but the foods and drinks. we aren't sure about the dinner part yet, but dessert will be a make-your-own-vegan-sundae-bar, and i will personally make sure everyone eats one.

so far:
tea lights, lava rocks

napkins (to be gocco-ed), vases, cups

tablecloths, paper lanterns

lanterns, to be transformed

party lights (a free donation from a friend!)

glass terrariums

i am wondering about hiring a photographer for a few hours at the rehearsal. total unnecessary indulgence or a good idea? maybe i will just load up on polaroid film on ebay, break out the actual film cameras, and take some photos myself.


  1. i was planning on using the aqua and red color combo for our r.d also and then decided to just do the red and white. I loooove the aqua though, where did you find the lanterns?

    and i wnat a photog for our dinner too, but idk if we'll have the money... :(

  2. this looks like it's going to be so much fun! i wanna come :)

  3. jess- the lanterns are from here:

    i think it was about $25 for 20 lanterns (including shipping) i can't get enough of aqua and red together!

    jessica- thank you! you can stop by for a sundae any time!

  4. I still have the whole Summer to take a photography class. No really though, I think you should have one of us helpers do it and we can either use a polaroid, a new digital polaroid, or have some white framed photos. Besides, if you're going to have this catered (?) then must imagine the cost of having that on top of a photographer.

  5. gina- sounds like a good idea especially since i want a photographer to come out to palm springs for an afternoon and take awesome retro-ish photos in the house and by the pool.

    will stock up on polaroid film.