Sunday, May 3, 2009

project: centerpieces pt. 2 !

the centerpieces have changed direction. my bell and apothecary jars arrived a few weeks ago, and i finally got around to doing a few practice pieces again.

lids on or lids off? i can't decide.

i am trying to keep it simple. less is more in this case. in a few months i will be picking up a flat of mini succulents and hopefully by late summer our rosemary plants will be huge. i want to try some layering of different sands and soil, to see how that looks in the apothecary jars. i also want to pick up some wood slices.

i did a trial table setting as well, more on that soon!


  1. Megan these look wonderful! Def. tops on methinks. Fancier.

  2. These are fantastic! Lids on!!! Oh, and try naming each table rather than numbering or lettering. ie: fiddle head; cactus; fern; etc... it makes each guest feel kinda special that they arent' seated at the last table! Who wants to sit at table 16 near the kitchen?

  3. these are AMAZING. if you don't need them after the wedding, I'd be happy to... uh... take them off your hands :)

  4. I love it! Lids on makes them seem more whimsical to me. Like it is a mini world in there.

  5. Hi Megan! I am looking for bell and apothecary jars for a couple of our tables...can you share where you got them? Or will you be selling any of them after your wedding?