Friday, December 18, 2009

beers and weirs

So we had this chunk of time. After posed portraits, before ceremony. It was a pretty big chunk of time. So we kinda sat around, and drank beer, and talked, and it was great.

For a short bit we were just sitting and not drinking. Then Gina had an idea...

We needed to celebrate! With alcohol!

(Side note, I really hate beer. But I liked this beer, or I was on such a crazy wedding high that everything tasted like sugar cubes and rainbows. But my expression below might not show that.)

Pretty labels! Gina took some elements of our invitation to throw these labels together a few days before the wedding. I wish we had saved a bottle!

One of the beers was a bit fizzy...

It exploded all over G.

But she was able to clean it up.

Cory likes beer...

Gina likes beer...

Bride and groom like beer...

We all like beer...

What did we learn from this post? Weddings are fun, beer is good, homebrewed beer is best!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

party picturez

(read the full post here on weddingbee)

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

fancy poses

(read the full post here at weddingbee)

favorite posed photos!

I loved the mural in the background, I loved the dirty sidewalk, I loved the cars racing by, I loved seeing the downtown skyline in the distance, I loved this moment.

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How about a bridal wedding-style summary? I love daily style blogs, so here is my wedding day version!

The outfit in action. The shoes are under there, promise.

Shoes! Non-leather. Mustard Yellow. Peep toe. Kitten heel. $35 at

Dress! Ivory. Lace overlay. Plain straps miraculously turned into fancy braided straps. Size six miraculously turned into a size ten. $1495 by Elizabeth Fillmore via Glamour Closet.

Bustle! Sparkly pin. $35 at Macy's.

Bracelet! Bought totally last minute. Also sparkly. $25 from Macy's.

Necklace! Vintage. My grandmother's. Something old. Gorgeous. Free.

Earrings! Tiny. Lost one during the night. From Claire's. $6.

Headband! Favorite accessory. Wear it all the time now. Made by a friend. Perfect wedding gift. Free.

If I had the patience I would start a daily outfit blog, it was so much fun putting this post together!

Was your wedding day outfit carefully planned out or did you throw in any details at the last minute?
If your wedding has already happened, are you having fun re-wearing any of your accessories? Every time I wear my headband to work I can't help but have happy wedding memories all day!

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first look timeeeee

This whole "first look" idea isn't something I've ever completely understood. I didn't think it was super important to not see B all day, but he did. Then suddenly, we had to look at each other and probably get all teary with people watching?! Weeeeeird. Really, the whole reason we did it was so we could make sure to get some fancy drinks and eat snacks and give hugs during cocktail hour, instead of posing for pictures.

I have to admit that the first look wasn't a huge emotional moment for me, but it was a cute little kick-off for the real wedding feeling of the day.

When it was time for us to do our thing, B sat on a bench while I got set up in a cozy corner.

We decided that I would wait with my back turned while he walked toward me, because I would probably trip or get my dress tangled in the camera equipment or something.

I spent our time together laughing, of course, and admiring the fancy suit that B was wearing. I had never seen him in a fancy suit before!

And maaaaaybe we had one little quiet, heads down, teary moment. But it was short, and giddiness once again took over.

Did you plan on having a "first look" before the ceremony, or did you simply wait until you walked down the aisle? Was having that first look moment important to you?

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


While I spent the morning sleeping in and ordering room service, B had to be up early to greet our caterer. She came by the house to pick up all of our alcohol (which was super nice of her) but she could only make it at 7am! Luckily, B does much better than me when running on little sleep, so an early morning wasn't too hard for him.

A few hours later, our photographer's assistant showed up at our house to chronicle B and his family getting all dolled up.

Ties were adjusted...

Lipstick was applied...

Shots were taken!

B left for the venue in the early afternoon, and made it there while I was busy getting my hair done. When I finally slipped into the back room to get dressed, he slipped into our stylist's chair:

After a few minutes of hair wrangling, and perhaps some beard management, it was time for him to come outside and meet me...

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