Wednesday, January 28, 2009

words: rehearsal/rehearsal dinner

my first thoughts on the idea of a rehearsal and dinner were along the lines of: no. no, no. no! why? no way! we don't need one!!?!?!

originally, we were not going to have a wedding party at all (other than a best person or two), but i warmed to the idea of a flower girl and ring boy
. which means we are actually at a point where we could have something to rehearse, if our venue allowed it.

a few days ago i heard from loop (our site manager and all around helpful guy) that we could pencil in a one hour rehearsal at the marvimon. it wouldn't be set in stone and we won't know until the week before if we have the space, but it's better than nothing. and there is no charge from marvimon for this use, which made me happy.

so i went about mulling over the whole escapade and decided we might as well go for it! if we have fifty or so guests flying in from around the country, it will be nice to be able to spend friday evening with them as well.

to keep costs down, and stress to a minimum, we are having the dinner in my neighbors' large backyard. we are thinking israeli or indian food buffet style.. some summery drinks, minimum decor. small personal details to make the night memorable.

ike totally agrees.


  1. Ike is a sweet face!
    As an FYI, we were penciled in but an event ended up happening the night before our wedding. We ended up having our rehearsal in the park in front of the library downtown :)

  2. I love your blog, so I'm tagging you and sending you the Blog Luv award! See my blog for details :)

  3. I want to have my wedding at Marvimon - it's amazing! Trying to see if I can work it into mybudget