Thursday, April 9, 2009

project: kidlets !

our reception will have a kids table. there was no way around it, and although i don't think the children will actually stay at their table through dinner, i am having SO MUCH FUN planning it out. seriously, it's great.

making boxes for the tiny ones is so easy- the girls like disney princesses, the boys like spiderman, etc. but what do i put in a box to occupy two twelve-year-old girls? maybe they will just giggle over the cute waiters or something.

here is what i have so far:

$1 pencil boxes from michael's, in various hues.

sticky notes with names and ages to keep it organized.

bundles of crayons. tweens still like to color, right?!

fairy wands for the youngest (girls and boys).

an almost finished four year old girl box.

i am tempted to make a survival box for our super-babysitter, who will be sitting at the kids table and trying to keep them all in one place. for once i won't be the one keeping an eye on the kidlets!

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  1. I look at this... and I think that the amount of drinks I have must be correlated to what I'm looking at.