Friday, April 3, 2009

project: the dress !

i bought a dress three weeks ago while my mom was in town. we stumbled upon this place during a 25% off sale.

and so, my wedding gown:

it's a bit hard to tell from the pictures, but the dress is ivory, fitted on top, and covered with strips of a slightly darker ivory lace all along the bottom. it has a very small train, and it is super swishy. from what i can tell online it is from the spring 2005 collection, and called "tattered tulle."

i had never heard of elizabeth fillmore before that day (my bridal gown designer knowledge in slim) but after some googling i found that her dresses are not only beautiful and unique, but she has a lot of dresses in darker ivory, dusty rose and champagne! i had to stop looking because i was finding too many dresses that were calling out to me. like these:

photo: elizabeth fillmore

i would love to see this last dress in a real wedding. i love it!

it's been hard not to wear my dress now that it is hanging over the closet door (it doesn't fit in our overstuffed only-storage-in-the-house bedroom closet)
. next order of business: shoes! wonderful, glorious shoes.


  1. Your dress is FABULOUS!!! I just love it, and to get a discount too. Meant to be.

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