Thursday, April 9, 2009

project: music !

i met with a few dj types over the last few weeks, and i am hoping to meet with one more before i make any real decisions. picking a dj has been one of the hardest parts of this process. i love to dance! i want other people to dance at our wedding!

a big percentage of our wedding guests will be family members. we really don't have a lot of friend-friends. i don't have any old high school or grade school buddies (that i talk to outside of facebook, that is) and my only "college roommate" will be eight months pregnant at the time. i've moved around a lot in my twenty-six years, and since i moved to l.a. i really haven't made close friends.

i am worried that the older family members will not dance. when i was younger and i had tons of "party friends" (you know the type.. your best friend when its 3 a.m. and you are stumbling down the street in your hot pink socks and then you sit in a puddle and take them off and throw them down the street and.. yeah) and i first started dating brodie i would imagine our wedding as a huge dance party! and i still like that idea. at least i will have my preschool kids to dance with- we dance together every day.

i am trying not to worry about it too much. although writing this post has been a bit depressing. perhaps i need to join some clubs and meet people.


  1. Speaking as one that has children..., I hear your pain. If you are feeling like your wedding may not be the "dance party" you imagined because aunts and great uncles are going to sit there...

    then, is it crazy to change your focus a bit? I love to dance to Big Band music (even though i don't know what I'm doing) and it might get some of your old timer family up and kickin' it!

    Pink socks or otherwise... Could still be quite a party!!!

  2. hey i've been meaning to get back to you about this... YES michael is dj'ing for our wedding!!! we're beyond excited. have you met with him yet??? he is such a cool guy and i totally trust his taste in music. he lives right in echo park so marvimon is super close for him... anyway, shoot him an email and tell him i sent ya!

  3. Here's what I'm going to do: Hand out fliers to your reception party all DIY style outside clubs after shows have ended. I'll start the weekend prior. We will have so many party people when I advertise the free drinks. Don't worry, I'll man the door and make sure no losers come in.

  4. i'm with gina! that is a dope idea. i would love to dj THAT wedding


    Why can't I embed pictures anymore, ever. Anyway. It would be a lot funnier if I could have embedded that picture.

  6. Oh nonsense! This is L.A. go out and hire some extras to dance! People don't really make "close-friends," they hire them! See: Paris Hilton's BFF show!

    Perhaps Brodie could pick up a few stragglers on his way home from work. There's this one guy who rides up and down the street on his bicycle DANCING. BOOM! Give him $5 and a cupcake and he'll get the dance floor going.