Wednesday, April 15, 2009

project: rings !

a few weeks ago i had a little brain scare and ended up in the ER for six hours. although i am fine now, things were a bit scary. i had to get two bags of fluids. they couldn't find a vein. when a nurse finally got the needle in i was relieved. until my hand started to swell. the hand with my two day old engagement ring on it. it took me a few minutes to get it off but i managed. close call!

brodie proposed to me with my mom's engagement ring.. then he made me pick one out for myself. so now i have two. i don't wear them everyday because most days i am elbow deep in playdough and worm bins, but when i do wear one i secretly giggle at it every time i catch a glimpse.

my set (bought from etsy):

for brodie we purchased a simple tungsten band off ebay, but it is a bit large, so we will be doing some more online searching this month for another option.


  1. Your ring looks like mine! I am also looking for a band like that with the small diamonds that match the side diamonds on the engagement ring. Any chance you might tell us who the etsy seller is?

  2. emilia-
    the seller from etsy is - the set is vintage though, the seller didn't make it, but perhaps they know more about the style/name/where to find it! good luck!!

  3. hi- this is brandie, brodie's friend from work. just wanted to say that the rings are lovely- the style is similar to a ring that was my great-grandmother's engagement ring. very pretty!!