Monday, March 30, 2009

project: wearables !

gina was in town this weekend and i found a dress for the rehearsal dinner. now i just have to wait five months to wear it (although, i am itching to wear it to annette's bar birthday bash this wednesday..)

photo: anthropologie

isn't it lovely? the fitting room attendant actually said, "these are selling like hotcakes, they just look great on everyone!" and i have to agree.

my mom was in town last week and we bought two wedding dresses. details and photos to come.

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  1. hey, i was wondering the same thing (about the peacocks)!

    i can't figure out if they belong to Miguel and Sherry or Holly of Hollyflora. but you're right, they're in almost every Marvimon wedding, haha.

    if you find out, let me know! i'm thinking they'd be a cool prop for our diy photo booth :)