Thursday, June 11, 2009

project: fitness !

i made some vegan red velvet cupcakes for my coworkers 30th birthday on wednesday. the batter tasted great. the frosting was amazing! best cupcake recipe ever. (and i tested the wedding cupcake toppers and they look good too). then i had a cupcake for breakfast. not being one to let things go easily, i had frosting for lunch. feeling guilty, i had pineapple for dinner and then decided it was a really great idea to try on my wedding dress. in reality, it was a horrible idea. it was tight. it zipped up, but bunched in weird places. when i bought it in march the saleslady told me it would look perfect if i lost five pounds, and she was right. it fit great then but could use a little extra room in the hip/thigh area. so what did i do? i gained six. in three months. six pounds. and now my beautiful wedding dress doesn't look so beautiful on me anymore.

the good news: pilates started back up again this week, our fridge is full of farmers market goodies, and we are on week 6 of the c25k running program. for the first time in my life i can run two miles without stopping. that has to count for something, right?

i also have a daily date with jillian, starting.. now.

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