Thursday, June 25, 2009

shower, so soon.

a few weeks ago this cute little card arrived in my mailbox:

an invite to my first bridal shower, hosted by my maid of honor gina and my boss/neighbor/friend-hybrid annette. now, when i write "my first bridal shower," i do mean first. i have never been to one before. most of my friends aren't married, and those that are were married long before i met them. this will be a new experience.

the shower is coming up this saturday. i am extremely, extremeeelllyyy nervous. i hate being the center of attention. i am the adult who usually goes off and plays with the children at parties and other social events. i have been anxious about this for weeks. it looks like there will be 25-35 guests, and that number scares me beyond words. luckily, the guests are all people i see almost every day (moms from preschool, coworkers, close friends) and my own mother and aunt are flying in for the celebration. thinking about seeing my mom, aunt, and maid of honor (who all live in the bay area) is what gets me excited!

hopefully i won't have to do any embarrassing games. i can guarantee you i won't be posting any photos here, as my face will be permanently red throughout the party. i will probably be very sweaty, and won't be able to stop laughing. i laugh constantly when nervous!

the party is a good excuse to package up some cute gifts for my wonderful hostesses, as seen here!

did you notice the yellow stain from gocco ink and the giant roll of brown baker twine? half of our invites are officially out (mailed to out of town guests) and round two goes out in a week or so as soon as the rest of our paper arrives. and um, my "thank you" is upside down. but it is printed on both sides of the tag, so that makes it ok, right?


  1. yay!!! how exciting :) mine is coming up on the 18th and I'm kinda nervous too, i'm pretty sure my friends have embarassing games in store. can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. aw how exciting! My sisters is coming up and im so excited (and tired of planning haha).. have fun!!