Friday, June 5, 2009

photos: the sunday wedding !

the sunday wedding was great fun, great drinks and a few new friends. seriously, the mojitos really are as good as people say. the fiance and i had to leave the party early in order to get back in time for work and school on monday, but we are going to try to head back to the ace as much as humanly possible, since we completely fell head over heels in love with the hotel.

all week
we have been fantasizing about hopping in the car and going back for some more sun and relaxation, especially since los angeles has had a weird mix of weather this week. ok enough talk, check out the amazing photos that the lovely sarah yates took:

the rest of the pictures can be seen on sarah's blog + the flashdance. you will notice that i couldn't stand it and wore my rehearsal dinner dress a wee bit early. and i plan on wearing it all summer long. oops! a dress that cute shouldn't have to sit in my closet for three more months, right?

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