Wednesday, June 3, 2009

project: invitations {stamps !!!}

(hanging on the weddingboard)
(you can even see early save the date designs that didn't make it!)

packages have been arriving to our home daily. multiple times daily. usps, ups and fedex delivery people all know our names and wedding date. it is hilarious!

the stamps i ordered from ebay are trickling in sheet by sheet. after spending so much time just thinking about (haven't even started assembling!) the invitations, i just couldn't ugly them up with forever stamps. i wanted stamps that would look nice and help the design of the outer envelope, not detract from it.

i searched for stamps that were relevant to us, and found some winners. arizona stamps with a cute cactus?! perfect! owls and eyeglasses and feathers and trees? amazing! the only problem i have is that i perhaps underestimated how many stamps i would need for each envelope. a .04 stamp only goes so far in mailing a thick, heavy invitation. it's back to ebay for round two.

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