Monday, June 8, 2009

project: cupcake ornaments !

while anxiously awaiting the final design files of our invites to arrive in my inbox, i have been keeping myself busy by working on some small craft projects.

(please excuse the poor lighting, i forgot to take pictures until nighttime)

our cupcake toppers! the idea is to have each stick on a separate cupcake. the dowels are still a bit long, i'm going to make a test batch of cupcakes to see how short i need to trim them. you can buy the little person figures here. i used my trusty drill to put holes in the bottom and picked up a 1/8 dowel at home depot for .29cents. painting, drilling, stringing and photographing took less than an hour and cost less than $5. my kind of project!


  1. Very cute toppers. And thanks for the amazing cupcake! Brodie brought one in and it was great! I'll admit I wasn't sure how good a vegan cupcake could be, but it was super tasty!

  2. Those are so cute! I really like your cup cake saga :)