Friday, June 12, 2009


today marks three months 'til the wedding. time is flying by.

in completely unrelated news...
i am surprising the fiance with tickets to neko case at the greek theatre tonight!

this album is all we have been listening to lately (between jillian michals and npr podcasts, that is) and i can't wait to hear it live! i managed to score some pretty great seats at the last minute, and b has (hopefully) no idea. we almost never go to shows these days (too expensive, parking in l.a. is a hassle, excuses excuses) so i think this will be a spectacular treat for both of us!

this weekend: visiting with out of town friends, invite proofing and printing, envelope liner cutting, cat petting, running, backyard pretty-ing, enjoying the june gloom while it lasts, farmers markets and other lovely things.

happy weekend, everyone!

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