Tuesday, June 16, 2009

project: cupcakes !

guys, i have a problem. before i can make any decision, whether it be small or large, i feel the need to ask the opinion of every single person i know. this is bad because it just shows how little i trust myself to make the right decision.

last week i decided i want to make my own f'ing wedding cupcakes. one hundred+ wedding cupcakes. i did a trial run for a coworkers birthday and wrote down these facts:

1. it costs me $ 0.60 to make a cupcake (including batter, frosting, wrapper, and decorative topper)
2. it takes me less than one hour to sift, stir, scoop, bake, frost and decorate 24 cupcakes (not including baking/cooling time)
3. it will cost me $3.50 - $5.00 per cupcake to have them made for me

so by making the cupcakes myself i can save about $300, decorate them any way i want, make any flavor i want, and have fun doing it because i love baking. sure, i have some doubts. what if my oven explodes? how do we transport them? what if i eat all of them the day before and can't fit into my dress?! but nothing that can't be figured out.

yet i still asked everyone what they thought about me taking on the cupcake challenge. and every single person said DO NOT MAKE THE CUPCAKES. so i keep asking, they keep telling. i ask again, i get the same answer. but i really, really want to make them myself.

so, guess what?? i'm going to!!! i will be sifting, mixing, scooping, baking, frosting and decorating 100+ cupcakes a day or two before the wedding. why not?! i have the week off from work. i plan on having most things finished before that week. my family and friends will be in town to help. and if there is some crazy disaster? we go down to whole foods, pick up a couple of vegan cakes and brownies and call it a day.

to celebrate my decision i bought the following:


  1. I'm making 150+ cupcakes for Erin of "Erin Ever After"'s wedding so if you want any help let me know! That seems like a big task to take on by yourself. Maybe you can delegate some frosting to your bridesmaids.

  2. 1. No.
    2. There are so many things that will crop up on the day of your wedding that you did not realize (non cupcake related). You won't know until the day (or week) happens.
    3. Judging by your handwriting I do not trust you to frost anything, not even a pop tart.
    4. There is only one bridesmaid to help you! Who is allergic to cats!
    5. These will all have to be FRESH which means they need to be baked and frosted within 24 hours of the wedding. And you do not want to lose sleep on the day of because you're frosting!
    6. Who will transport these when they are wearing nice clothes?
    7. You are derranged.
    8. I love you (a lot), but its fading as I read this entry!
    9. Its only $300 savings. When considering your wedding budget that is so insignificant.
    10. No.

  3. The wrappers you got are lovely and I know personally that you make amazing cupcakes! And it does sound like you really want to make the cupcakes- but is it to save money or because you think it will be really special if you make your own cupcakes for you wedding? I'd lean more towards making them if it's the latter- especially if you don't mind picking up store cakes/brownies if it become too much stress. A friend of mine found out her cake baker fell through the day of the wedding, and they bought a bunch of different types of store cakes the day of. It worked out really well, and we had a variety of cakes to choose from at the wedding.

  4. @emilia jane - i have help and a backup plan if things go wrong... will definitely be coming to you with any cupcake questions!

    @gina i promise i am a good cupcake froster and our day-of planner will be doing the transporting. i plan to woo you with my baking skills in about a week. come prepared.

    @brandie not doing it to save money, but that is an added bonus. also, that is the backup plan! if things go wrong we head to whole foods, grab some cakes, pies, brownies, fudge.. whatever vegan sweets they have that day. totally not worried about it! :)

  5. I totally wanted to bake my own cake. I'm outraged that people charge so much for cakes, when I'm an excellent baker myself. & I took it as a cue from up above when I got a wedding present 6 months early & it was a beautiful mixer. The lovely standup kind. but then I asked opinions & I got so many no's it kinda scared me. so...I might attempt it myself & if it sux I too will be making someone run to the store to grab a bunch of those beauties from the display case. problem solved. unless I make a baker my best friend really quick.