Tuesday, February 3, 2009

(early) project: paperstuff

i am officially calling anything that will be printed-on, written-upon, folded-up, cut-up or stamped-on "paperstuff."

a dear friend (and former employer, and mother of my adorable ring bearer) is going to help design these things for us. this is a great, great relief to me, since i am absolutely horrible at design. i can come up with the ideas, have a picture in my head of what i would like, but no idea how to put it onto paper (or a computer program).

our gocco arrived yesterday. i went back and forth on buying one for a few weeks, since they are no longer making supplies for printing. i finally found a great deal on ebay and went for it. i am excited to practice with the screen printer, but i don't want to waste my precious screens and flashbulbs.

our first project will be save the date cards and magnets. we might go the postcard route, we might do a simple card with the magnet inside. my gocco deal came with 100 recycled brown cards and envelopes, and i would love to be able to use them for something!

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