Thursday, February 26, 2009

words: sickness and fitness

colds, flu, odd childhood diseases (hand foot and mouth, anyone?), are all a constant threat in my line of work. i usually get at least one cold and one case each of strep throat and tonsillitis each winter (i have weak tonsils) but this past month has been especially brutal. it started a few days before my birthday, with an itchy nose, then full on sneezy, sicky, badness. i was still sniffling when our engagement photo session rolled around four days later. oh, and i managed to shave off a three-inch piece of skin from my ankle that week, too. then i broke my littlest toe walking to the bathroom in the dark. then IT happened. the cough.

there is nothing worse than the cough. it annoys you, it annoys everyone around you, it keeps you awake, yet it makes you tired. after four days of this cough, i finally had the sense to take a day off work to relax. unfortunately, the hack is keeping me from relaxing much, plus i still have to go in to run my after school program this afternoon. no days off for me (and no doctors apparently, since kaiser doesn't want to see you until you are millimeters from death).

what does this have to do with weddings, you might be thinking? i, like many other brides, want to look fit and toned for the wedding. and i was on a good path. eating well, running and shredding daily, pilates twice a week. and now i am suddenly very, very off track. i haven't exercised in two weeks. we have been eating tons of convenience food and have gone out a few times this month (birthday.. valentine's.. way too many special occasions).

the combination of bad eating and no working out has taken its toll. it is so crazy that you can undo so much hard work in such a short period of time. i need to get back on track, but considering i am laying in bed right now, i haven't moved in hours, and i had a huge jamba juice for breakfast/lunch (instead of my normal oatmeal w/agave, flax seeds and banana breakfast, followed by a salad and protein lunch!) it won't be happening today.

b has already promised vegan pizza from purgatory for dinner, and i am just far too weak to protest.

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