Monday, February 9, 2009

project: cake overload !

while my social world has been very busy, and my work world has been equally busy, my wedding world has been very, very quiet. until yesterday. behold: cakes.. glorious vegan treats!

chocolate cupcake and vanilla cupcake
by No Whey Vegan, via Muse Cafe

chocolate cupcake
from Jamaica's Cakes

carrot cake
from Mani's

chocolate layer cake
from Real Food Daily

vanilla raspberry cheesecake
from Real Food Daily

red velvet cupcake
from Sweet Lady Jane

chocolate blackout cupcake
from Real Food Daily

four of us sat down on sunday afternoon to devour this sugary goodness. there were clear winners and clear.. non-winners. it takes strong people to eat this much cake in one sitting!

next up: cake overload, the analysis and conclusion!

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