Friday, February 13, 2009

project: cake overload ! (pt. 2)

it may seem like a treat, a privilege even, to sample eight baked goodies on one rainy sunday afternoon. rest assured, things are not always what they seem.

we assembled the players: me, the fiance, friend/neighbor/employer annette and her son grayson. four plastic forks, four child-sized plastic plates, big glasses of water and some napkins for the frosting face smears and crumblies.

the first bite went off without a hitch. i think we started with the no whey vegan cupcakes.. or maybe it was the carrot cake from mani's? either way, i am sure it was great.. by the time we got to round seven, the cheesecake from real food daily, we were all feeling a bit ill (it didn't help that the cheesecake was dreadful..). we perked up a bit at the site of the beautiful sweet lady jane cupcakes, and we all made it to the end. full and exhausted but we conquered the cakes!

annette and grayson.. can they make it?!

i wonder if i always look like this
when i eat cupcakes

b, still going strong, ready for more

some of these cakes were very, very dry. some had great moist cake but overly sweet frosting. one was barely edible. some were good for a little snack, but not really wedding material.

our clear winners also happened to be the most expensive (coincidence.. maybe..?). i present to you, the winners:

vegan red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting ($5 each, sweet lady jane.) moist and rich cake with a heaping amount of sweet vegan frosting. would be perfect in miniature!

extremely decadent chocolate layer cake ($7.25 slice, real food daily.) generous layers of deliciously flavored chocolate mousse, between layers of moist cake (and not overly sweet!)

the marvimon has a beautful serving cart, where we will display our dessert selections. we will not be having a traditional wedding cake. the plan is to get fifty or so mini red velvets from sweet lady jane, and a large chocolate layer cake from rfd.. along with chocolate chip cookies (made by me) ice cream (from scoops), assorted truffles (need to find a good supplier) a fruit pie or two, and a fresh fruit, honey (yes, we are occasionally honey-eating vegans) and nut spread.

i can't imagine what a traditional cake tasting is like, but i have seen pictures and it usually involves even more cake.. as it was we had leftover cupcake slices all week!

did you have a traditional (or non traditional) cake tasting? please tell me about it!

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  1. by the way, can we please have a groom's cake a la steel magnolias for brodie.