Thursday, February 12, 2009

words: tweny five thingies

i've been tagged too many times to count but i am a super facebook slacker (after three years i still don't really know how to use it) so here goes:

one. my number one fear in life: the term "forever".. scary.. has no end.. etc

two. followed ever so closely by numbers 2-5: choking, talking on the phone, earthquakes and getting lost in the ocean.

three. once when i was about four, i did something to my brother (probably called him a name or pushed him) and was lightly scolded by my mother. a few moments later we had a mild earthquake, and she said something along the lines of "see, that was god punishing you for being mean".. i attribute my great fear of earthquakes to this event. my mom totally denies saying this (and she isn't at all evil like this makes her sound)!

four. i do think about things other than natural disasters such as: weddings, cooking, reading john irving novels and silly vampire lit, making imaginary travel plans and petting cats.

five. i hated brussels sprouts for 25 years and then i tried this recipe.

six. i do pilates with a private trainer twice a week and the results have been amazing. i feel great all day after a pilates session.

seven. i hate running but i am trying to learn to love it.

eight. i have very few friends but i count all of them as really close, super-great-amazing friends.

nine. when i was fifteen and worked at jamba juice, the huge orange squeezing machine turned on while i was cleaning it. it literally juiced my hand, and while i was screaming and covered in blood, my coworkers continued to serve people. thinking about it now is hilarious, then, not so much.

ten. i still think about my cat whisk every day, and when i call my mom on the phone i always catch myself starting to ask how whisk is doing.. i had whisk for 19 years but she passed away over 4 years ago.

eleven. i am pretty flexible.

twelve. i was a nail biter until like.. three years ago.

thirteen. i was in a band called triple nipple for a few years and it was pretty awesome.

fourteen. i have been vegan for three years and five months.

fifteen. i have three cats: ike (rescued from the street in phoenix), freddie mercury (rescued from a neighbor here in atwater) and sweet kitten (rescued from the pomegranate tree in our backyard when she was a tiny baby)

sixteen. i am really horrible at history because i can't remember anything. b makes fun of me for mixing up the berlin wall and the great wall of china. i am not as dim as this statement makes me sound!

seventeen. i have a tattoo of an airplane on m wrist because.. i like airplane tattoos.

eighteen. i could probably eat at hugo's every day and be content with that. fat, but content.

nineteen. i have gone to four colleges and graduated from none of them.

twenty. i moved to los angeles to do makeup and ended up teaching preschool, i wouldn't change this for anything!

twenty-one. i absolutely love my neighborhood and really hate the thought of living anywhere else in l.a. (portland or nyc maybe, but not l.a.)

twenty-two. i have been really obsessed with the following bands (in order, starting at age 12): bush, oasis, less than jake, the beatles, the mr. t experience, the plus ones, hefner, morrissey/the smiths.. after the super crazy morrissey obsession died down i find myself not getting so obsessed with bands.

twenty three. i have a wedding blog! (although you guys know this already!)

twenty four.
i really love to cook and do it at least twice a day. my favorite dish to make brodie calls "grain stew." it is literally whatever grain is handy, some veggies and tofu and broth, maybe beans, fresh spices.. and it always tastes great, no matter what i throw in it.

i actually only have 24. this took me weeks to complete!


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  1. Brodie told me to check out your blog at work today- this is fabulous! And just so you know: I am DEATHLY afraid of earthquakes as well. I think it's this fear that makes me not so excited about taking the train to work anymore...