Friday, August 28, 2009

Project: Favors !

There are three main perks to being a preschool teacher.:

A. You get to hang out with kids all day and play games and sing songs and dance and paint.
B. You get to watch children grow and change and learn all the time
C. You get a lot of time off for holidays, and usually some time in the summer!

I work at a small, private preschool, and we are only closed for once week during the summer. I am in the middle of my summer break right now, and finishing up so many wedding related projects. I have run to the craft store three times in less than 48 hours. My next few posts will showcase some finished items.

I bought the boxes for my favors before I had any idea what I wanted to stuff them with. I just love how kraft boxes look, and I found a super deal online! Now that they are packed with favor-y goodness I can show how I got there. I won't be showing you what our favors actually are until after the wedding, since I do want to keep it a surprise, and it seems like half my guestlist now reads my various wedding blogs.

I started with 120 3x3x4 kraft paper boxes, a pad of sepia tone archival ink, and a large wood grain stamp. I thought I would only have to make two stamps on each box, but it turned out I had to make four separate stamps. Pretty time consuming and a bit annoying, but worth it when I look at the finished pile of printed boxes.

Luckily the ink dried quickly, and I was able to stack them while I put together the "gift" part. I closed up the boxes and tied them with some twine from the gigantic roll I had bought for the invitations.

I attached a yellow tag with a handwritten thank you message to each box as well.

Our favors are now all boxed up and ready to go, but the hardest part is keeping them all organized. See, we have three different types of favors for guests to choose from. I probably should have packaged each differently to keep them separate, but I can still add some tissue paper poms in different colors if I really think it will be a problem.

I also made the signs that will sit on the favors table:

One of three signs, but to show them all would give too much away at this point!

One type of favor can't be put together until two days before the wedding, so for now these are boxed up and siting in my living room. A constant visual reminder of all that the things that have to wait until that last week, the cupcakes, honeymoon packing, the favors. Overwhelming and exciting all at once!


  1. they are lovely, and I really like your sign! The font is awesome.

  2. So cool! If I got that favor, I would keep the box forever!