Thursday, August 20, 2009

project: ring book !

for a long while before i was a preschool teacher, i was a nanny! i nannied for a few families over the years, and i still keep in touch with all of them. our ring child is my former charge. z is one of the most spectacular, amazing people i have ever met (big or small). he seriously brightens my day whenever i see him.

i really wanted him to have something special to carry down the aisle. i just didn't think a pillow would cut it, and as much as i love those ring warmer bowls, they seemed a bit fragile for a five year old. i decided the perfect compromise would be a book. a hollowed out book. so I went about hollowing out a book myself and it was a DISASTER! project: fail. the piece is so ugly that i can't even show it to you. i won't even let myself look at it.

now i am looking for alternative solutions. i have a few ideas. perhaps just have him carry a small drawstring pouch. or a book tied up with string. or one of these items i already have:

small paper bag with a gold leaf print? simple, easy, casual.

a book on lessons? not exactly...

it is a hollowed out "security book" (meant for hiding valuables and such) that my grandfather once owned. it came into my possession when he passed away several years ago. the book has special meaning to me because it reminds me SO MUCH of him! he was totally quirky and had tons of weird things like this around. so even though a hollow security book is a little cheesy, i still like the idea!

book-like frida kahlo artbox. it is the right size but maybe a bit clunky. i love that there is string already inside to tie the rings to.

b bought this for me years ago, and i have been desperately trying to find a way to display it at the wedding. it has been siting on my desk throughout the planning process, but i cant seem to find an appropriate place to incorporate it. i could tie the rings to the top, or have them placed inside.

i'm getting a bit anxious at this point. i think i need to call up z and ask what he wants to carry down the aisle! maybe he will pick a pillow after all...

do you have a ring bearer? what will he/she be using to transport the rings?


  1. I did buy a bag of those gold paper leaves. They work on headpieces believe it or not. Nice post . . .