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words and photos: leafy greens !

(Photo: LMS)

Droooooool. <--- That's me dreaming about all of our wedding food. On a day to day basis, B and I enjoy a pretty simple diet. I am really into clean eating: unprocessed, natural, whole foods. A typical day of eating for me would be a bowl of oatmeal with almond milk and almond butter for breakfast, some berries dipped in almond butter and a veggie/tofu/hummus packed pita for lunch, and a pineapple/mango/papaya/rice milk/soy yogurt smoothie for dinner. I also snack on almonds and blueberries throughout the day. (I can totally munch through a pound of blueberries in a few hours!) Pretty boring, I know. That is why I am SUPER STOKED about eating at the reception! We have had two tastings with our caterer and they have both been perfect. We are still finishing up our menu but so far it is looking pretty spectacular!


+Tomato pizettes with thyme and olive oil

+White bean puree on homemade sourdough with grilled treviso, cassis vinegar and extra virgin olive oil
+Grilled chanterelle and olive oil crostini

Buffet dinner dishes:
+Tofu lasagna
+Smashed fingerlings with roasted summer vegetables
+Nutmeg and walnut oil dressed grilled summer squash on grilled garlic bread with spicy roasted garlic puree and walnuts
+Fresh cannellini bean ragout with rosemary sage oil, sweet and sour parsley, and roasted garlic on baguette

(Smashed Fingerlings with Veg, Photo: LMS)

Family style on tables:
+Baby arugula salad
+A selection of homebaked breads and dipping oils
+Cumin picholine olives and almonds

(Photo: LMS)

We are trying hard to balance what we like (tons of fresh vegetables, tofu, beans and Mediterranean flavors) with what our guests would normally expect at a wedding (Tempeh chicken or tofu fish? Probably not the best foods to serve to a large group of hungry omnivores!). Our menu did start off with some other dishes, but we didn't want to scare off too many people, so we subbed some of them with the lasagna. Hopefully the lasagna will be a crowd-pleaser, and I swear you can't taste the tofu. Several of our options will be gluten free, and everything is 100% vegan.

Even though I am incredibly excited about the food, I am even more excited about this:

Our food choices affect the future of our individual and collective lives. Here are some things we are currently doing to walk our sustainable talk:
  • we select organic and local produce from Los Angeles area certified farmers markets.
  • we drive diesel vehicles fueled with B99.9% biodiesel fuel that we purchase at USA Gas Station on Glencoe and Maxella in Marina del Rey.
  • we serve your food on washable china plates, cloth napkins, glasses and real silverware, even for picnics - unless you want disposables, in which case, we use's compostable utensils and clamshell containers made from potatoes and sugar cane.
  • we do not use water bottled in plastic, as many of the plastics you think you're recycling everyday unfortunately end up in a land fill. We use pitchers, and are in the process of transitioning to carbonating our own filtered sparkling water (we currently use sparkling water bottled in glass).
  • we use a presoak and prescrub method to clean our dishes, avoiding leaving the water "running" during the manual portion of the dishwashing process.
  • we are transitioning into being a zero-waste operation through the recent addition of our composting program (which makes amazing soil for Large Marge's organic home garden!).
  • we are in the process of transitioning to solar web hosting for our website (go to for more information).
  • we are transitioning to sourcing all of our ingredients within 400 miles of production, and most of our ingredients (about 70%) within 100 miles of production, in an effort to adhere to The 100 Mile Diet (more information at
And, most importantly, all of this leads to the most flavorful, beautiful food you can get.

Text Source: Large Marge Sustainables

This was a huge selling point for us when booking our caterer. The other huge selling point? Meg always wrote back to us, and offered as many tastings as we needed to get the food right. When we first started planning the food we had a list of ten caterers to contact. Out of those ten, only four wrote back. We then did tastings with three companies, because the fourth charged $100 per person for a tasting! After sampling the food, Large Marge was the clear winner, and we booked the services right away.

Looking over our menu has made me seriously hungry. Are you having a traditional buffet or plated meal? Or are you going with a more unusual dietary choice?

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  1. your menu sounds so yummy (from another vegan ;)!