Thursday, August 6, 2009

words and photos: shoes, shoes, shoes (pt. 2) !

thanks to endless and zappos i am now the proud owner of six possible pairs of wedding shoes. i just lined them all up and started snapping photos so i could get a different view of how they look with my dress.

please join me in a virtual shoe adventure!

Pair #1
these shoes are super cute but they don't have any sort of heel which is bothering me more and more. a lot of the shoes i am finding are flats, but now that i have tried the flats on with the dress i am really thinking i need some a bit of heel.

these are actually really cute but the fit is a bit off. they gap in weird places. i bought them a size down as recommended on the website, but they still feel loose in some places and tight in others. also, the heel isn't as sturdy as i would like.

Pair #3
i bought these to wear with my rehearsal dinner dress, but decided to throw them in just in case. also flats, but super comfy.

Pair #4
i LOVE these shoes. i have them in gray and wear them almost every day. unfortunately, the yellow is a little brighter than what i am looking for. and again, they are flat.

Pair #5
the color is a little more marbled than i would prefer, but i love the peep toe, love the heel!

Pair #6
while i love the flower on these, i'm just not sure i can get over the bedroom slipper look/feel that they have going on.

there you have it. while i was really looking for kitten heel, peep toe, mustard colored vegan shoes, i did find a nice variety to ponder over. most of them i love and would wear on a regular basis! but which ones are my wedding day shoes? i have to choose by next week because my first alterations appointment is coming up.

which shoes are your favorite?! help me decide!


  1. I love the 1st ones. All the other ones are cute too but those are just my favorite ones.

  2. Lovely!! My favorite is number 2 (I think you showed them in another post?). They are quirky and fun and different. I also love number 1. Unfortunately, I am really short, so I feel the need to wear heels. :P

  3. hmmm... my first pick would be #5. but #1 comes in a close second. what's the height difference between you and your honey? i think the flats look great with the dress but if there's a drastic height difference maybe you'll want a bit of a heel. you can't go wrong with any of these, they're all soooo cute!

  4. You've likely already selected your shoes, but I definitely love pair #1. The color is perfect, the style is perfect, and I am pretty sure you won't be regretting having a flat by the end of the day.