Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Project: Odds and Ends !

At this point I can get semi-reliable weather reports for the wedding day. That means we are officially super close. And all of my little projects are (almost) officially finished!

I used some bits and pieces of leftover ribbons, birds and scraps of material for two projects that I completed this week. Both items were free and took no time at all to make!

Project 1:

A basket for our flower child to carry down the aisle. Our venue discourages the use of real flower petals to be tossed, so she will be dropping fake petals or perhaps some pompoms. I wanted to keep her basket easy, so I simply hot glued brown felt ribbon to the handle, and made two large bows for the sides. As an afterthought, I glued two small bird figures to the sides of the basket.

Small Side Note:
I discovered the basket on my storage bookshelf, it was holding a collection of lotion gifts that I haven't had a chance to use yet. I moved the lotion into the bathroom, dusted off the basket, and put it to good use. I really advocate looking around your home for things like baskets, books, knick-knacks, vases and such. Not only do they cut down on your wedding costs, but they make everything more personal. Also, borrow! I am borrowing cake stands from everyone I know (and I picked up a few at Goodwill). I also went through my mom's collection of vases, and found some gorgeous milk glass pieces that will be showcased in our dessert buffet and on cocktail tables!

Project Two:

I decided on a whim to make a boutonniere for B. There are so many beautiful hand made examples on Etsy, but I thought, "I can do that!" As it turns out, I can't. At least not as well as some people can. My first try here turned out acceptable, but I may give it another try, or we may not have boutonnieres at all. I don't even know how many more I would need to make! The only male people in our wedding party are B and the ring bearer. We also have two ushers, and B's dad will we walking down the aisle as well. I need to look up some flower wearing etiquette rules!

I started by wrapping some scraps of fabric with floral wire, to create a loose flower. I curled ribbon down the "stem" (which was the wire) and added a few gold leaves onto the back area. I also added a teeny guitar pin to the side with B's name on it. We met at a show so I thought it was appropriate to include his instrument of choice! I am thinking of adding a button to the middle of the flower, to help it, you know, actually resemble a flower :)

What projects did you save for the last few weeks of before your wedding? Do you wish you got started on these projects earlier? I have a few projects to add finishing touches to, but everywhere I look I see a new idea I want to take on! It's hard to balance all of this visual inspiration...

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