Tuesday, July 14, 2009

project: backyard party !

the plan for our rehearsal dinner has once again changed direction. we originally wanted to throw a backyard party, an ultra-casual gathering at our neighbors house. then i noticed our lovely tree. and our cute fence. and i decided we had the time and resources to get our (rented) backyard nice and cleaned up before the wedding. we are now looking at a scaled down version of a rehearsal dinner, in our tiny backyard. still super casual, still in a yard, just smaller and a bit more personal. hopefully, this will be the last change, i want to send out invites by the end of the month!

in preparation for the event we have been working hard to get our landscaping sorted out. when we moved into our house (a year ago this month!) our landlord promised some yard work come springtime. we are well into summer and that work never happened. now i get to decide.. do i call him up and bother him about his promise? or just go ahead and lay down some rocks and pathways myself? he said we can do whatever we want to the space while we are waiting for him.. and we have been waiting a long time.

we spent the last two weekends raking, pulling weeds, and planting. we started a small garden, and i turned half of my hanging lanterns into hanging planters.

the begining of our small garden. basil, peppers, chives. also, our many baby succulents for other wedding purposes!

votive candle lanterns and hanging planters. next weekend we plan to have the entire length of fence finished.

baby succulents!

lovely lovely hanging planter from ikea. a great deal at $10 (marked down from $30) we plan to pick up a few more this week.


  1. i think this is a great idea!! it will be so intimate and fun. makes me wish we had a backyard. and i LOVE the hanging jars as mini planters, so cute!

  2. I love those hanging planters too! Backyard parties are fun :p

  3. I'm into jars and succulents lately and have been buying them like crazy. My fiance and I are moving into an apartment with the only balcony in the building and this would be the perfect way to decorate it! Thanks so much for the inspiration! :)