Tuesday, July 21, 2009

project: evolution of (wedding) hair (pt.2) !

much to my mother's disappointment, i will not be wearing a full length veil. i tried several on and none of them worked for me. i think if my hair was darker i may be more open to the idea, but the super blond hair + pale skin + long white veil just didn't mesh.

i have spent many, many hours looking over etsy for inspiration. for a while i thought i might try my hand at making a veil myself, but after a disastrous DIY ring bearer book project i decided to keep my crafting jobs at paper goods and kids crafts.

i talked to my hair stylist and then bought a few pieces off of etsy. it was way too hard for me to just choose one and go for it. i tried to buy items that i would wear on non-wedding days as well, so if they don't work out i can still enjoy them. or give them away to a fellow bride! i like to share.

bought from: Bungalow

i bought this cute veil first, but it was pointed out to me how a headband might hurt after a few hours. this is still in the running though! its adorable and exactly the size i was looking for!

bought from: Cultivar

i also couldn't resist these clips in our wedding colors. i LOVE the grey flower. i would wear these every day, so if they don't make it into the wedding hair they will still be put to good use, and they were very affordable.

the owner of sirens is also creating a few pieces for me to choose from using vintage materials! i can't wait to see what she comes up with. she also makes gorgeous little tophats that are so amazing! if i was a little less hippie i would totally try to pull off that look.

this chapter is closed. i will have worry free wedding hair and i can move on to my next issue: rsvp cards were due yesterday and we are still missing 26 replies!


  1. That flower clip is super cute!

  2. Only 26 missing RSVP cards?? That is amazing!! I am 5 days out and I still think we are missing 40 RSVP cards (although I think some were lost in the mail!)