Friday, July 17, 2009

computer issues

my four year old super-trusty and amazing powerbook g4 died on wednesday. i bought it on brodie's first visit to see me, the week we officially "started dating." we had planned on buying a new laptop after the wedding, but i guess that just wasn't how it was meant to be! silly me didn't back up any files. like, ever. all of our wedding plans are on there. our budget. 5000+ photos from the last four years of our lives. 10,000+ mp3s. my client hours and information. and all of my precious sticky notes!!!

we picked up a new macbook pro the same day but tonight we need to go buy a firewire cable and see what information can be saved from our old hard drive. hopefully, i can at least get the wedding budget and my sticky notes. i used sticky notes for EVERYTHING! we also bought an external hard drive and the new plan is to back everything up daily. is that unrealistic? ok, weekly. or, as often as i remember...

i have been having a great time with photobooth:

less than two months to go until the wedding, DIY projects are going smoothly, all of the invites are out and replies are rolling in. excitement! we are in a good place. and if i could please restore my wedding budget files, i would be truly happy.

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  1. Good luck! I have an external drive but I'm not great about remembering to back up so I just keep most of my pictures & all of my music on the external hard drive. That way if anything happens to my computer, I don't have to worry about it.