Wednesday, July 8, 2009

shower, pt. 2

i already talked about the utter embarrassment of opening gifts in front of people (how do normal people handle birthday parties year after year?!) but i'll try to get over that and move on to more important matters. like cupcakes. and wine.

i made all of the cupcakes for the shower the morning before. and they were perfect. is it weird to make food for my own shower? probably, at least my mom thought so. fortunately, i love to bake, love cupcakes, and pretty much insisted that i would make them all myself. just another trial run before the actual wedding. i made 48 red velvet cupcakes with a simple buttercream frosting. it took about an hour to mix and bake all of the cupcakes, and about 20 minutes to frost them all. my skills are improving! and even though there were 24 people at the shower ALL 48 cupcakes were gone gone gone within three hours. i love it!

the lovely, lovely white wine sangria. this was totally destroyed within the hour and the ladies had to keep refilling. at one point i saw people dipping their cups in to eat the fruit floating on top, it was amazing. i was a key player in this whole sangria business.. i had two cups before any guests arrived and about four more during the party. i wanted to be good and toasted to get through the day and it totally worked.

gina made salads. annette grilled food.

can you guess how many peppermints are in the jar? the winner of this game got a cute starbucks mug and giftcard.

so many ladies wore such beautiful dresses! i love all of these shades of blue and green together.

looking back on the day through photos, i definitely had a good time! i am smiling in all of the pictures, and my whole body didn't turn red until i had to sit down to play a game and open things. yet i can't believe i have to go through all of this again in august...

after the shower we headed here to look at suits for b, then over to the cat and fiddle for dinner and drinks and darts, trader vics for more tropical drinks, and akbar for cute boys, michael jackson on the jukebox, and more drinks, drinks drinks.

i am pretty sure all that drinking suppressed my immune system as i have now been sick for ten days and its a little bothersome. but it was worth it, oh yes, so worth it.

ps. all of the 'round one' invitations are out and we had our final tasting last night and OMGOMGOMG we will be married in 66 days!!!


  1. Your cupcakes look so yummy!!

  2. I'd kill for some of that sangria right now... it's so hot outside!!! i can't believe you only have 2 more months, lady! how are you feeling??