Monday, July 20, 2009

project: evolution of (wedding) hair !

in case you haven't noticed i am not a "natural" blond, and haven't been since i was a wee little girl:

three year old me

two years old and i already love big glasses :)

somewhere around the age of seven my hair started to get darker and darker. by the time i hit 18 i was in the dirty-blond-almost-ugly-brown category. on my 18th birthday (i wasn't permitted to dye my hair before then), i died my hair black and stayed that way for many years.

i'm eighteen
and i don't know what i want

when i finally got bored of black i started experimenting. my hair has been so many colors! pink, red, REALLY red, red and black, black and white, brown-ish, stripey, etc etc etc.

this would be "really red"

maid-of-honor-gina and i in a photobooth. its hard to tell but my hair was "stripey" at this point

trying to get some sort of dark natural red going

current hair (photo: sarah yates photography)

in a perfect world i would get my hair done every five weeks. my roots start to become annoying at the five week mark, but by six weeks they really bother me. when i hit eight weeks (like i did this month), i want to pull my hair out. luckily i managed to squeeze in a couple of hours at my favorite salon, with my favorite stylist, and all is well in my world of hair.

we had a bit of extra time to play with some wedding styles. two days later, my hair is still curly! i love it... never in my life have i had anything but straight hair. apparently super bleached out hair can hold a curl much better than my natural super-fine-baby-hair.

after fifteen minutes of curling and arranging my look turned out hilariously retro and i LOVE IT! i'm not sure this is the exact look we will go for at the wedding (my hair will be, ahem, longer and fuller and more flowy with some subtle help) but it is super cute and will hopefully be styled similarly at a little photo shoot planned for next month.

freshly bleached and curled retro hair. pretend i am not looking
super tired and standing in the whole foods parking lot.

next post: evolution of (wedding) hair part II! veils and flowers and other hair-y things.


  1. Love the huge transformations with the hair. Looks amazing and don't worry we don't know you are in a whole foods parking lot or tired!

  2. Your hair looks great! But just so you know, the way you're standing in front of the light poles, at a quick glance you look like you're wearing antennae (which I think it fabulous).