Friday, March 6, 2009

project: save the date cards ! (pt. 1)

these are the cards that almost weren't. there is some universal force that does not want these save the date card made, but i pushed through it, and they are almost finished.

here is what went wrong:

*our magnets were delivered to the wrong address, and then mysteriously appeared (opened up and fussed with) on the hood of our car in the middle of the night.

*when i finally got around to opening up our (free!) 100% recycled cards and envelopes, i absolutely hated the texture. i am not at all a texture/paper snob (i am so new to this paper crafting world) but even i knew these were crappy cards (no wonder the ebay seller didn't use them!)

*after panicking and trying to school myself in the ways of paper (weight, size, cut, cardstock ugh ugh ugh) i went to paper source in pasadena. the colors completely overwhelmed me and i left with nothing! i did some more online searching and finally figured out what colors and such to buy. made a second trek out to pasadena (and i hate wasting gas and time, i prefer to stay in my neighborhood!) and paper source was closed for a private event!

*i have no computer design programs. i have never designed anything in my life, i don't know why i thought it was such a great idea to do all the wedding design stuff myself! designing these cards was incredibly difficult for me. hopefully it will get easier (and i will have help!) when it comes to the actual invitations. i went through two different versions and i am still not sure i picked the right one.

*i do not read japanese, so the the gocco directions were useless to me! i had to do much googling and tutorial reading to figure it out. weddingbee is a great place for gocco help!

i plan on showcasing both of my save-the-date cards here this weekend. the ones that made the cut and the card design that will be saved for another project, another day. check back soon!

until then..


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