Thursday, January 28, 2010

drinking hour

(I promise this picture makes sense, it's on the door to the bridal hideaway!)

Immediately following our ceremony, B and I ran back to the bridal hidey-hole for a few glorious minutes of alone time. When we opened the doors we were greeted by two large glasses of water, two cocktails and a dozen little appetizers. We drank and laughed and ate some food, which was DELICIOUS. Ten minutes later, a soft knock reminded us that we should probably get back to the party. We did some super fast posed family portraits and then got busy talking to everyone!

Obviously, B and I were not really together all that much during cocktail hour. We were running around hugging and exclaiming and laughing and having a great time. Occasionally, we would wink at each other across the room. I am so glad we had those quiet minutes after the ceremony to just chill before the party started. Honestly, if I didn't have the pictures to prove it happened, I wouldn't even remember the hour between ceremony and dinner, it was such a whirlwind time!

Also, since we are talking about a cocktail hour here, I should probably tell you about our cocktails. Unfortunately, I don't have any amazing pictures of the drinks or signs. Just imagine these signs in pretty grey frames (I took them out after the wedding 'cause I reused the frames), and imagine these drinks in mason jars, stemless wine glasses, martini glasses and 40oz beer bottles :)

(snapshot by me)

(snapshot by me)

I sampled all of the cocktails and they were all perfection. Apparently a little too perfect, because we ran out of vodka and gin at some point, and our caterer had to make a booze run in the middle of the party.

Just goes to show that those ridiculous lists that say you need x amount of vodka, and so many bottles of wine are (sometimes) WRONG. I say stock up on what you like, and if it's free, people will drink it (and they will like it, damnit.)

All photos in this post (unless otherwise noted): Hazelnut Photography

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  1. Just found your blog, the bottom of your dress is so pretty!