Tuesday, January 5, 2010

white knot

Marriage equality is something that B and I feel very, very strongly about. It is hard for me to even comprehend the fact that adults of legal age are not able to marry and receive the same rights as everyone else, just because of their sexual orientation.

We knew that we had to find some way to acknowledge this in our wedding ceremony. Originally, we were just going to have a small paragraph in our program explaining our beliefs. However, after some discussion with our officiant, and this wonderful post, we decided we needed to take it up a notch. B did some additional research and found out about the White Knot for Equality non-profit organization. We knew it was the perfect foundation for us to promote.

First, we made a donation to the foundation in honor of our guests. Then, I spent a few hours cutting up some silky white ribbon and making the sign shown above. We encouraged our guests to wear a ribbon at the wedding, and to take some home to share or wear again.

During the ceremony (which will be covered in more detail soon!) our officiant said a few words about how important marriage equality was to her, and to us, and that she was showing her support by wearing a white ribbon as well. It really meant a lot to us, and hopefully to our guests as well.

Our intention was to promote something we feel strongly about, not alienate guests. As far as we know, no one was offended. I would say that about half of our guests chose to wear a ribbon at the wedding. I was not upset, or insulted, or disgusted by anyone who chose not to wear one. I am tolerant and open-minded enough to know that there were many, many different kinds of people at our wedding, with different belief systems and opinions. I respect all of them, and I was thrilled to have them all there, whether or not they chose to wear a white ribbon.

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