Thursday, January 7, 2010

sharing is caring.

Fellow LA blogger ladies (and friends and readers!). I have the following items for lending/borrowing etc. Please let me know if you are interested. Items will be available as soon as I clean out the room they are stored in (within a month).

1. 60+ 5" candle vase type things.

They are all the same height, but have different base shapes (a few are more square, some rounded etc.) Most still have stickers on the bottom cause we are classy like that. One or two have wax spills in them, but for the most part they are fairly clean. See how fancy they look on the brick ledge?!

2. Two flat bowl vase things from Ikea:

3. A Gocoo cardprinting machine thingy. I barely use it but can't make myself actually sell it, so if anyone needs to use one to make paper goodies, I am totally down with that. You would need to buy screens and bulbs and inks though since I am out.

I am also selling a bunch of junk on weddingbee (shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes).

I hope this ends up helping someone, somewhere!

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