Monday, January 4, 2010

guest action

If I could pick one word to describe my wedding day, it would be f'ing awesome. Ok, maybe that's two words. So if I could pick three words to describe it, they would be relaxing and f'ing awesome. Cause I spent a big part of the day just sitting and watching and enjoying. I could even describe it as a little too relaxing. But I don't, cause that would be silly. Final proof of relaxation before the good stuff happened:

Finally, FINALLY, the action was about to begin. Guests were scheduled to get there any minute, so someone told me it was time to get into my hidey-hole. I made my way on over to the bridal suite, but not before checking out the seating at the kids table. I just needed to make sure that all the kids were sitting by their friends, and after a quick switcheroo, everything was good. The preschool teacher in me was just trying to prevent tears and small-scale, child-sized fights over toys and seating arrangements!

I then assumed position in aforementioned hole. With a drink!

And friends came! And family! And they talked. And smiled, and hugged, and kissed. And B got to hang out with them, but I was stuck in my hole. Listening to the room beyond get louder and louder.

While all these people were walking in and settling in and looking around, the waiters and chefs and cooks and such were busy making appetizers for the upcoming cocktail hour.

Olives, I love you.

All of my little kidlets were gathering in front of the ceremony area, and I heard that much dancing, swinging and princess play was happening. I wish I had seen this!

We decided to keep things simple by only serving one drink before the ceremony, and not opening the bar up until the cocktail hour after the ceremony. From what I hear, the passed Gin Fizzes were a hit.

All the while, our amazing, best ever musician was warming up the crowd with some tunes. He played a great mix of his original songs, and some of our favorites (Kinks, Johnny Cash, Beatles, Pixies...), while everyone mingled and got ready to find seats for the big event.

Were you hidden away while your guests arrived, so that your "walking down the aisle" moment would be super special? I was kinda jealous of everyone starting the party without me, but now I'm over it. Mostly.

All photos in this post: Hazelnut Photography


  1. I love your kids' table! How funny...didn't know you were a pre-school teacher. So great! Did a lot of your students come? Or was it just family and friend's children?

    I will be tucked away in the bridal cottage at our venue before the ceremony while the guests arrive. But the cool thing is, the only way they can get to the ceremony is by walking by the bridal cottage, so I am totally planning on sneaking a peek out the windows to see everyone as they make their way down. And I can even see them hanging out at the cocktail area where they'll gather before the ceremony from the cottage. So I won't be in a total 'hole' as you were :( Sorry about that...but you do have to have your big reveal moment - the guests love it! :)

  2. Your kids table is ridiculously cute!!! I LOVE it!!!!!! And you look so happy and relaxed! You are a gorgeous bride. :)

  3. @ Mrs. Beaver- yes! many children from school came! it was wonderful. All of the little girls in the pictures above are my students :)

    @miss.t - thank you!! the kids table was one of my favorite things at the wedding!

  4. That looks like an effing good party

    I am not looking forward to everyone staring at me, so I might walk around and say hi to people before the ceremony to ease my nerves. Don't know how you stayed away from all that yummy looking food and fun.

  5. @cupcake - don't worry, the food wasn't served 'til after the ceremony. i would not, under any circumstances, miss out on the food!!

  6. wow, just came across your blog and your wedding day looks fabulous! you look gorgeous and i so heart those yellow shoes. congrats!