Monday, February 8, 2010


Our photobooth in action...

I made this sign with some leftover fabric and cardstock. You might notice it reads "Grab A Prop, If You Wish." You may also notice in the photos below that not one single person is holding a prop. That would be my fault. I forgot to put the box of props with the other boxes of stuff to be delivered to the venue. Oh well. It happens.

The photobooth officially opened up during the cocktail hour, and it was well used!

Our photographers put together a slideshow of all of the photobooth pictures, which you can view here. It runs just about three minutes long. Or you can just check out my favorites below...

Are you having a fake photobooth at your reception? What are you using for a background? Any creative ideas on what else I can use this background for?!


  1. so fun! I want to do this so badly! any tips on how to set one up?

  2. this is so fun!
    but did you have a second shooter at your wedding for photography?
    i really want to do this but I'm not sure how to pull it off with only
    one photog?
    any ideas?