Wednesday, May 13, 2009

words and photos: shoes, shoes, shoes.

do you know how hard it is to find cute vegan shoes?
really, realllly hard.
i dream of: kitten heel, peep toe, mustard yellow or sea foam green shoes for under $200. is that too much to ask? i just don't wanna wear dead cows on my feet.

anyway, top contenders so far:

sugar shoes
kinda ugly, but in a "totally me" way.
mod cloth
probably too casual, not the right yellow.

mod cloth
ehhhh, heel is too clunky. red is my last resort color.

what to do what to do what to do what to do. keep looking.


  1. You should check out Vegan Chic!
    They have tons of styles and are VERY affordable. I think you will love them!!

  2. I think the 1rst pair are pretty sweet..& the red. But the yellow...a tinch to casual.

  3. the yellow is really sweet, i think! xo