Thursday, May 14, 2009

project: music (pt. 2)!

we suffered a minor setback in terms of wedding music today. the musician who was going to play during the ceremony just found out he will be on tour in europe in september. while it is disappointing, i am happy for him and his family! tour is fun and great! so while searching for a new musician, i need to focus on the good. the good being: michael antonia of the flashdance.

i know, i know... every single blog out there has written about this team, but i have to agree, they are like the be-all end-all of hip weddings. i feel hipper just by thinking about it.

i talked to SO MANY different djs, and none of them clicked. it is hard to find someone who: is local, is nice on the phone/e-mail (one dj kept me on the phone for 30 minutes while he mumbled about his drug use... really? is that how you get clients?), and who has the best taste in music ever.

but then i found mr. antonia and it was perfection. he lives in our neighborhood (90039, represent) and he likes morrissey (little known fact: i am a slightly-reformed weird obessive moz fan)! nothing better. also, he has a really cute baby and i love babies.

so check out the flashdance. and i will just keep focusing on the good, and start a new ceremony musician search.

any suggestions?

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  1. totally giggling at this post, you're hilarious :) and so right about Michael's daughter, she's sooo cute. i'm just now getting caught up on comments, emails, etc. but I wanted to finally say THANK YOU (!!!!!) for offering to let us borrow the apothecary jars. I'll definitely keep you posted on various items that we're collecting in case you want to borrow any of it. Oh and I've been in contact with the girl who's getting married at marvimon Oct. 10, the day before me! Her name's Alicia and she is super sweet, so we're bouncing ideas off each other all the time and trying to work out a deal with a rental company. Anyway I'm sure we'll all turn out to be one big happy marvimon family. she's more than willing to share... so this is all turning out just fabulously!! thanks again!!