Wednesday, May 6, 2009

words and photos: homestyle !

i am really, really struggling to make all the elements of this wedding come together.

we want it to feel like home. classy, fancy home. we want it to be the wedding we would have at our own home, if our own home could hold one hundred people (because if our home could hold 100 people, it would be here.)

that said, it is hard when i see a great wedding like this.
hands down the best bouquet i have ever seen.
grey and yellow? wonderful. palm springs pool party?! so fun.
i have weddinglust.


last weekend i did some practice tablescapes and such. i also started a big project: hand making 115 mini chalkboard menus. i actually had to purchase a saw for this project! neat.

we won't be using these colors ( i just happen to only own orange napkins, and found super cheap perfect brown fabric at ikea). our caterer has tablecloths and napkins, but they are purple and brown striped. i want darkdark brown? and burlapy texture? i think...

so far, i think it looks too "glassy." i need more texture in there. but i can't let myself buy anything until i really decide on colors.

i must say i do love the way the chalkboards look (they will eventually be gocco printed with the menu, as soon as we have a final menu). each guest will have a personalized button as a place card.

our caterer uses stemless wine glasses and ball jars as water/tea glasses, so that will change the look a bit as well. there will also be several 7" hurricane vases with candles and full jars of rosemary on each table. along with pitchers of sangria. and bowl of olives. and nuts. and olive oil. and baskets of bread. what started off looking empty is beginning to sound very full.

seriously, blogger friends, how did you pick your colors? help!


  1. This is going to look great. I love the idea of chalkboards. Picking colors is hard. In the end I couldn't and just went with all I was contemplating for a total of 6. It worked for our theme but 2-3 is probably best. I do like what people are doing with dark brown and lime.

  2. I just picked my favorite colors... purple, lime & orange..& am figuring out ways to make them work. purple attire, lime accents & orange for flowers & drinks..?
    dark brown & lime is GORGEOUS!!!!