Saturday, January 24, 2009

project update: wearables !

planning our wedding has been bizarre.

once we told people we were getting married, the questions started rolling in. when? where? what are your COLORS?! what does your dress look like?!?!? all of these questions lead me into a panic, and we are only a month into planning (yet less than eight months away). my mind is a roller coaster of ideas. none of those ideas are color-related. very few of those ideas are dress-related. i am thinking about food, music, decor, food, vows, food and.. cake (food..).

when i saw a simple dress i thought looked nice, i bookmarked it. a few days later i went back to analyze and realized it was a j.crew dress. never being a j.crew type of person, i was a bit surprised, but i still went back a few times to look at their dresses. on a particularly hard day, a long, long time ago (last monday) i was feeling sick/sad about wedding planning and decided to just buy the dresses (yes, two).

i regretted it a bit later, realizing i probably want something a tad more unique, a little bit more rock and roll, more me. finally decided (with a bit of help from g) to cancel the order. i was actually lucky that the dresses were on back order in my size and color. they wouldn't have shipped for a while anyway.

the dress that did arrive yesterday, and that i do love, is the free people dress. once i figure out how to work the new fancy-camera-early-birthday-gift, i will perhaps post some pictures.

the shirt i ordered for b (for the engagement photo shoot) from penelope's is permanently out of stock, so they let me cancel the order. i googled around and the shirt happens to be out of stock everywhere, except in a not-as-awesome gray checked pattern. instead we bought these:

one of them will be our winner. i can feel it.

in short: still trying to put all of my ideas together. still trying to figure out the style/feeling/colors/theme junk. still not a j.crew girl. still focusing on what i can have fun with: engagement pictures with our lovely and talented photographer in exactly three weeks!


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