Monday, January 19, 2009

project: venue !

(having the day off from work is lovely..!)

for many long months before our actual engagement, B and i talked about marriage. what it means to us, how it would change our relationship, and if it was something we wanted to tackle. obviously we came to a decision on that one. but for all of those days and weeks i had many hours to daydream about OPW, aka OUR PERFECT WEDDING. being a preschool teacher, i have a lot of time to daydream at work while the kids are napping!

early in the fall, my pilates partner mentioned she had been at an amazing wedding in downtown L.A. it was a unique loft space with an indoor/outdoor feel. i looked up the venue, bookmarked it, showed it to B and tried not to think about it too much, as it seemed a tad on the way-too-expensive side.

all this boils down to is that, when the engagement happened, i was prepared. i had read the blogs, the message boards, the journals. and i knew what i wanted. basically: a local venue (very important), that will let me bring in my own food/drinks (not budging on this one), that has space for a ceremony and reception (i don't want to drive in between the two), and that has an indoor space and an outdoor area. as much as i love woodsy places, i really wanted to go as local as possible, and east l.a. isn't exactly known for it's woods (or IS it?).

the marvimon met all of these requirements! and it has a show kitchen! i did spend some time researching other venues, but the places that let you bring your own food didn't have any green things growing, and the pretty hotels downtown made you use their in-house catering (in-house catering never specializes in vegan cuisine..) and i am not a big beach person and i want a late night party so running into the forest is out and whineee whineee whine.

we made an appointment, met with the owners, picked a date and now it's really happening. i feel blessed to be able to work with completely local vendors (all vegan food sourced within 400 miles? score!), and we can have an outdoor ceremony and a rocking party inside.

you can see some lovely photos of the marvimon house here at apartment therapy.

one day i will figure out how to place and source pictures on a blog. until then..



  1. That's EXACTLY why we ended up picking Marvimon too!! I refused to budge on the catering thing. We're actually going with our favorite BBQ place in our hometown of San Juan Capistrano... pretty much the opposite of vegan... although I am BEYOND impressed with people who can maintain that kind of diet. props to you! Since the whole wedding is going to be laid-back and fun, and because my family is Southern, BBQ seemed like the right choice for us. Let me know how everything goes and which catering company you end up using! Can't wait to see and hear more!!!

  2. I just got married at Marvimon on 11.22 - let me know if either if you hae questions I can help you out with!

  3. oh, i would love to her details of your wedding! how it went, what caterer you used, any words of advice! and congratulations!!!

  4. Check out my bio for photos and reviews of our vendors.

    I am SO happy we had it at Marvimon - I couldn't imagine having it anywhere else!

  5. beautiful! seeing your pictures just makes me even more excited to have such a wonderful venue..

    a few more questions:

    did the treasured petal do all of your flowers/decor? were they good to work with? it all looks amazing!

    what time did you guys contract marvimon for? we are trying to decide between 12 noon to midnight or 2pm until 2am.

    your boudoir pictures are stunning!

  6. Thank you!

    I loved working with Kristin from TTP - she took my vision from 1 meeting and ran with it. It was even better than I could have imagined it. She did all the floral arrangements. I brought in the chandeliers, the aisle runner, and most of the candles.

    She blogged about us here if you want more details -

    We contracted it from 1-1. It was a little tight getting everything set up for our 5pm cememony but we got it done.

    Hope this helps!