Friday, January 23, 2009

project: budget !

it's no secret that b and i follow the dave ramsey plan for "financial fitness." yes, as nerdy as that sounds, we have a workout plan for our money. we stumbled upon dave almost a year ago, and it has been smooth budget sailing ever since.

when the topic of wedding budgets came up, the first thing we did was go into our 'total money makeover' account and try to make a budget page for weddings. let me be the one to tell you, do not try this. it will not work. we also tried the knot budget system, the martha stewart budget system and every other wedding budget system that google could find for me. none of them worked, and most were depressing. we should spend $2500 on my gown but only $1500 for our venue, based on our total budget?!

currently i am just using a simple spreadsheet. it's plain, it's easy, it works right now. hopefully b will soon work some magic and make it come alive for me. i am trying to ignore all of those percentages i saw earlier, and just work around what we have.

deposits have been sent to: the venue, the photographer, the valet service, the site manager and the day of coordinator. it makes me so happy each time i get to mail something out and know that it is one less thing to stress about.

one of the dresses i ordered arrived. it's a keeper. two others will not be arriving at all. more on this later!

i have had three wedding related nightmares in the past week. i need to calm down and stop reading so many wedding blogs. it's too much pressure!


  1. Hi there! Thanks for popping over to my blog! I'm so excited to encounter another Marvimon bride! My fiance and I are soooo in love with the venue, as I'm sure you are too :) Can't wait to see how everything turns out for you!! When's the big day??

  2. hey jessica! our day is 9/12/09.. i feel so behind in the planning process! so much to do.
    we love the venue too. it is just so unique and beautiful!

    have you had problems since you aren't using one of their "preferred caterers"??