Monday, March 1, 2010

toasty time.

Towards the end of dinner, our venue coordinator let me know that it was time for toasts, and that there were going to be a few more than expected! We had told her in advance that both Cory and Gina would be doing toasts, and that my mom had a slideshow planned. What we didn't know was that another friend, my aunt, and my mom all wanted to make speeches too! Our coordinator asked me if this was ok, and of course it was! I wasn't going to deny anyone the pleasure of saying nice things about us during dinner.

The slideshow started up first, on the large screen that Marvimon has behind the dance floor. I was SO embarrassed about the slideshow, and at times I really didn't want it to play, but I knew it meant a lot to my mom. She worked on it for months! It turned out really well and super adorable, and I am now glad that I let it happen. My mom put together many pictures of us as babies and children, and managed to squeeze in photos of all our relatives as well.

(Can you see my holding a puppy on my Rainbow Brite bedspread?!)

Cory was up next. She has known B for much longer than me, and has been with him through thick and thin, which really means, she has met all of his previous gf's. Her toast focused on how much she likes us as a couple, and how I am the only girl that B ever dated that she actually approved of. That got a lot of laughs!

After Cory stepped down, Gina gave her short but sweet toast. She referred to my ridiculous love of jelly shoes, pet rats and the fact that I can't eat with metal silverware (this is true! I only use wood and plastic, unless I am stuck at a restaurant and have no choice). Her toast got many laughs as well.

Our friend, former boss and the father of our ring boy also said a few words about us. It was totally unexpected, yet very sweet and sincere.

My mom's sister M.A. gave the next toast. I know this will sound silly, but her toast was really the most emotional moment of the day for me, and I think the only time I broke down in tears. She spoke about how I started working with kids because of her (her children, my cousins, were my first nannying gig!) and how passionate I am about it. M.A. also talked about my grandparents, who passed away six years ago. I wish they could have been there. When she talked about how I took care of them in their last years of life I started BAWLING. Luckily, I had a small child sitting on my lap so I was able to hide my smeared mascara behind her cute little head :)

My mom spoke last, and thanked everyone for coming out to our wedding. She hadn't prepared or planned on speaking, but I am so happy that she did. It was a sweet ending to our toast, and a great segue into our first dance.

Did you have any unexpected toasts at your reception?

All photos in this post: Hazelnut Photography

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