Monday, February 22, 2010


As the cocktail hour went on, it naturally started to get dark. The lights came on, and it got all pretty and glow-y in our venue. I don't recall exactly how it happened, but suddenly we were sitting for dinner.

Our food was semi-buffet style (and entirely, 100% vegan!). When we first sat down there were bowls of the MOST DELICIOUS SALAD I HAVE EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE and olives and breads and dips and sangria on all of the tables. Most people then had to get up and serve themselves the rest of their food, which the chefs were cooking in the show kitchen while we ate salad. However, being the bride and groom, our food was brought to us by a very kind waiter who must have thought we were starving. There was a huge mound of food on the plate I was served, much more than I would eat on a typical day, and about 300x more than I could manage to eat on my wedding day! I ate approximately three bites.

About twenty minutes into food time, a couple of little ladies came to sit with me. This may also be why I didn't eat anything after the salad, but it's all good.

Notice how our table isn't covered with a table cloth? That's because the main table, stuck right in the middle of the whole long table, was a fancy schmancy wood table. We wanted everyone to be able to dine at fancy wood tables, but they cost $120 EACH to rent (plus insane delivery and pickup charges), and we needed, like, twelve. The one we are dining at came with the venue, otherwise we would have had a tablecloth covered folding table as well!

Most of the detail shots of our reception area were taken before the ceremony, when the light was still good. Behold:

The signs I made days before the wedding, and the mismatching chairs that I adore.

Our super long dining table.

The last minute DIY seating chart that seemed to work our pretty well!

The menus that my mom wrote up the day before the wedding. Isn't it great when you leave huge DIY projects until the last minute?!

All photos in this post: Hazelnut Photography


  1. I love your bride and grroms signs! so sweet

  2. Just spent the weekend copying your table seating board. So simple and cute. Brillant.