Wednesday, March 10, 2010

babies babies babies!

Just in case you are one of those people on the fence about whether or not to invite children to your wedding, I hope this post helps sway you (one way or the other...)!

I had a great time planning out the fun stuff for all the kids who would be at my wedding. From crafting activity kits to each individual child, to making sure they had plenty to eat and drink.

We had a special meal for the under 14's: vegan pizza and pb&j. I also made sure we had several kinds of water and lemonade that they could consume, along with a chocolate soy milk at every place setting. And I have to say, the milk was a total hit!

I also spent a lot of time creating individual activity boxes that suited each child's likes and needs. The pre-teen girls received some magazines, lipgloss, notebooks and jewelry kits. The smaller kidlets had boxes full of stickers, bracelets, princess stuff, race cars, army men, and bouncy balls. Everyone, regardless of age or gender, received a fairy wand and a slinky because I love both toys :)

We kept the decor on the table to a minimum, because kids tend to knock things over, ALL THE TIME. Instead of flower centerpieces we put out jars of glowsticks and straws and lollipops. Along with the bright colored pencil boxes and wands, it was all that was needed to make the kid's table look magical.

The seating arrangement at their table was just as planned out as the adult tables! We kept the youngest kids closest to our babysitter, the older kids in the middle of the table, and the wildest kids toward the back near their parents :) It must have worked, because the children were on their best behaviour all night. They really did stay at the table throughout dinner, and after dinner they spent a lot of time hamming it up at the photobooth.

(photo taken by guest)

I also left a basket full of bigger toys with our DOC, to be taken out after dinner. It was crammed with coloring books, etch-a-sketch, baby dolls, art kits, jewelry kits, flashlights and more. The kids had a blast and got to take it all home at the end of the night.

Just in case you need more convincing that kids are adorable and really fun to have at weddings:

Are you having children at your wedding? Did you have special activities for them, or do you just plan on letting them dance the night away?

All photos in this post (unless otherwise noted): Hazelnut Photography


  1. i knew i had to read this post when i saw the title! i love kids so i'm hoping to make a few kits for them or maybe put out some butcher paper and crayons? anyways, your ideas are great and the pictures are too cute

  2. These are such amazing photos! You sound like me - I put a lot of thought and items into things for the kids at our wedding. I have little favor boxes filled with goodies and lots of kid friendly type food and such for them as well. I hope they hold up well. We are also going to bring in some babysitters to help out with watching them later in the evening. Looks like the many kids on your big day had a fabulous time! Nice job.

  3. Awesome ideas! I'm still trying to come up with some ideas for the kiddies. So far we've got a pinata and a photo scavenger hunt under way, but I love to spoil kids. Thanks for the inspiration.