Sunday, December 6, 2009

pretty lady time !

Recap time! Or is that just a weddingbee wedding-term? I can't remember anymore. Anyway, here is how it all went down the day of the wedding! This is gonna take a while...

After a lovely night of restful sleep , I woke up mid-morning feeling wonderful. Peaceful. Calm. It was my wedding day! I ordered a bowl of granola, took a long shower, and put on the dress I bought specifically for the way it buttoned, all the way from hem to neckline. And because it was red. And because it didn't have "bride" printed anywhere on it.

There was a bit of a mix up over what nail salon everyone was to go to, so my mom and I ended up at places on opposite sides of town. I was a bit disappointed about this, but quickly got over it as several people worked hard to make my rough teacher hands look ladylike.

I made it to the venue right on schedule. Our stylist Meredith, of Sirens Salon, was already setting up, and our photographer was there as well.

We got started right away...

My poor mom was so nervous!

While other people were getting made up I was sitting in the corner and watching all of the business around me. It was crazy watching all of the load in and set up and hubbub going on, all to make our party run smoothly. This was the point where I realized how extraordinarily happy I was to have Alicia and our other planners there. I literally had to do nothing but sit back and watch it all happen.

Time slowly crept by, and then it was my turn...

Please excuse my claws, or don't, just embrace them! Seriously, no idea what I was doing here.

When hair and makeup was complete, it was that special time. FANCY WHITE DRESS TIME!

This is my face when I realized I should have taken the price tag off sometime in the last nine months. Luckily G's nimble little fingers got the knot out.

It's a little awkward to be zipped into a tight dress with people watching and taking pictures!

Also awkward (yet oddly indulgent!)? Having someone else put your shoes on for you. I don't think anyone has done this for me in about 20 years!

My mom put on the final touch, my grandmother's necklace, and we were good to go. B and Co. had arrived at some point, but we hadn't seen each other yet.

One final glance in the mirror and it was time to go!

All photos in this post: Hazelnut Photography

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