Wednesday, December 16, 2009


How about a bridal wedding-style summary? I love daily style blogs, so here is my wedding day version!

The outfit in action. The shoes are under there, promise.

Shoes! Non-leather. Mustard Yellow. Peep toe. Kitten heel. $35 at

Dress! Ivory. Lace overlay. Plain straps miraculously turned into fancy braided straps. Size six miraculously turned into a size ten. $1495 by Elizabeth Fillmore via Glamour Closet.

Bustle! Sparkly pin. $35 at Macy's.

Bracelet! Bought totally last minute. Also sparkly. $25 from Macy's.

Necklace! Vintage. My grandmother's. Something old. Gorgeous. Free.

Earrings! Tiny. Lost one during the night. From Claire's. $6.

Headband! Favorite accessory. Wear it all the time now. Made by a friend. Perfect wedding gift. Free.

If I had the patience I would start a daily outfit blog, it was so much fun putting this post together!

Was your wedding day outfit carefully planned out or did you throw in any details at the last minute?
If your wedding has already happened, are you having fun re-wearing any of your accessories? Every time I wear my headband to work I can't help but have happy wedding memories all day!

All photos in this post: Hazelnut Photography

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  1. I love the shoes. And the dress. And pretty much everyhing else.