Wednesday, December 9, 2009


While I spent the morning sleeping in and ordering room service, B had to be up early to greet our caterer. She came by the house to pick up all of our alcohol (which was super nice of her) but she could only make it at 7am! Luckily, B does much better than me when running on little sleep, so an early morning wasn't too hard for him.

A few hours later, our photographer's assistant showed up at our house to chronicle B and his family getting all dolled up.

Ties were adjusted...

Lipstick was applied...

Shots were taken!

B left for the venue in the early afternoon, and made it there while I was busy getting my hair done. When I finally slipped into the back room to get dressed, he slipped into our stylist's chair:

After a few minutes of hair wrangling, and perhaps some beard management, it was time for him to come outside and meet me...

All photos in this post: Hazelnut Photography

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  1. Oh yeah...can't wait to read more. I love Amanda from In the Now and have no doubt that she will be fabulous for us! Plus she knows our venue well. I see that you had Jordana for your photographer...I interviewed her as well but we went another route. She is in fact incredible though so I am excited to see all your pics!