Thursday, March 19, 2009

project: save the date cards ! (pt. 2)

it's been a long, long couple of weeks. the bronchitis is finally gone, however my hacking cough seems to want to linger a little longer. my mom is visiting from the bay area this weekend to go dress shopping with me, i have been talking with a great dj, we have our "ceremony musician" confirmed, and our save the date cards went out last week (although all six that were sent to friends in our own zip code got returned and had to be hand delivered this week)!

here they are, in all of their home-made diy glory:

actual card
(this one is a bit crooked, but i took pictures after i sent out all of the good ones)

back of envelope (showing off our wee little moo sticker!)

when i first set out to make these cards i made several costly mistakes:

- if i had more time i would have ordered cheaper paper and envelopes online. i probably would have made them regular sized instead of square which would have saved me $12 in postage (not a huge difference but with the paper and such it does add up!)

- i originally planned on only using two gocoo screens, but the first one i printed was blurry, so i had to redo. then my second design (a fern for the envelopes) didn't burn fully when a lightbulb didn't go off, so i had to redo that. that wasted $20 worth of gocco products.

-the place we ordered magnets from only sold them in 50, 100 or 250 sets. we needed 60. so we had to order 100. i know if i had searched around some more online i could have found a source that would make me 60. i just didn't have time!

all in all if i had more time and had successfully used the gocco on the first try, this project could have cost about $100, which is a pretty reasonable $1.66 per card. unfortunately, it was about double that. i am glad i did this trial run of sorts, before the actual invitations go out in a few months. i know i need to start planning those out soon. i spent a few hours yesterday with my wedding invitation helper and the design looks amazing so far!


  1. Very cute! I love what you did with the Moo sticker. I really wanted to get some but wasn't sure how to use them. This is a great idea.

  2. Are those "fiddle heads?" Love them! (Sorry you had the problems you did, but think they came out great!)

  3. melissa- thanks! at first i didn't know what to use the moo stickers for but i just had to order them. they are great for sealing envelopes and the kids at my school like to wear them too :)

    kelley- yes fiddlehead ferns! i love them, too. and thank you!

  4. omg the fridge magnet thing is really cool! my mum always hv probs w remembering wedding dates (esp important ones). fridge magnets will definitely help her :)